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The Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce (HTCC), established in 2016 with the endorsement of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Greece and Thailand, is the officially recognized body responsible for providing leadership, facilitating, and supporting the needs of business relationships between Greek (Hellenic) and Thai communities in Thailand. The Chambers aims to accomplish these tasks through multiple online and on-the-field activities to nurture the cultural integration of our members.

Cultural Integration

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce and its members can provide Cultural Integration support to Greek people living, working, and doing business in Thailand.

An official body for Greek ex-pats to share their social, business, and cultural experiences and provide guidance to each other, helping to ease the transition and understanding of local customs and practices.

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Service Areas

Through these services, the Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce is an invaluable resource for Greek (Hellenic) and Thai businesses, contributing to the two nations’ expansion and diversification of trade and investment activities.

Legal Support

We offer comprehensive guidance on various legal aspects affecting business, including taxation, compliance, import/export regulations, and general business law. This service is crucial for companies navigating the complex legislative frameworks in either country. Learn More

Market Research

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber provides extensive market research services, including market analysis and data interpretation. These services are geared toward helping businesses understand market dynamics, customer behaviors, and emerging trends in both Greece and Thailand. Learn More

One'on'One Consultation

Whether you’re a Greek or Thai company looking to venture into each other’s markets or considering relocating, the Chamber offers personalized one-on-one consultations. These sessions are designed to help you adapt to new market conditions and make informed business decisions. Learn More

Networking Events

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce provides multiple networking platforms. It facilitates introductions, business, and dialogue with key players in the Greek, Thai, and international business communities and acts as a bridge between the business community and government entities. Learn More

Marketing & Advertising

Members can participate in various promotional initiatives to enhance trade and investment between Greece and Thailand. These include product awareness campaigns and exposure via the Hellenic-Thai Chamber website, newsletters, and events. Learn More

Business Missions

Our organization collaborates with the Chambers of Commerce in Greece and Thailand and commercial attachés of Embassies to organize business missions. These missions aim to unite sellers and potential buyers, facilitating business deals and partnerships. Learn More

Country Key Trends

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber conducts presentations on various industries and business sectors, highlighting the opportunities and challenges in Greece and Thailand, thus providing valuable insights to stakeholders. Learn More

Product Localization

The Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce organizes presentations to showcase various products and services of interest in each respective market. This offers members an opportunity for targeted product promotion. Learn More

Country Insights

Chamber Members receive routine updates on various sectors such as investments, imports/exports, and tourism. These updates aim to keep the community informed on trends and opportunities in Greece and Thailand. Learn More
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