About The Chamber


In 2016, a group of Greek expatriates and Thai “philhellenes” founded the Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce (HTCC) with a shared vision to strengthen business, cultural, and economic ties between Greece and Thailand.

Officially authorized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries, the HTCC provides a platform for collaboration and growth. The founding members, comprising industry leaders and entrepreneurs, bring a diverse range of expertise to the chamber, ensuring its success in fostering bilateral relations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Hellenic-Thai Chamber of Commerce (HTCC) brings together a wealth of expertise from seasoned professionals with extensive experience across Greece, Thailand, Asia, and Europe, to foster and develop business opportunities between Greek (Hellenic) and Thai companies.

With deep knowledge in areas such as Imports-Exports, F&B Distribution, Travel, Media, Events, International Market Research, Brand Ambassadorship, Global Fashion Advising, Sales & Marketing, Growth Consulting, and Sustainable Environmental Design & Engineering, the Board provides invaluable insights and strategic guidance.

The Board’s comprehensive understanding of both regional and global markets ensures that member businesses are well-equipped to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, thus strengthening commercial ties and promoting mutual economic development.