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Travel Media Applications (TMA), a pioneer in the digital sphere of travel and hospitality B2B publications. Founded in 1999 by travel journalists Theodore Koumelis and Vicky Karantzavelou, TMA has been instrumental in reshaping how industry insights are communicated and has expanded its services to offer various avenues of connection and knowledge dissemination within the sector.

Digital Publications

TMA had the foresight to launch one of the world’s first daily, purely digital B2B publications for the travel and hospitality industry, namely TravelDailyNews. Since its inception in April 1999, the platform has grown exponentially, and now TMA’s TravelDailyNews Media Network encompasses:

  1. TravelDailyNews International – A global perspective on industry trends.
  2. TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific – Specialized content focusing on the burgeoning Asia-Pacific market.
  3. TravelDailyNews Greece & Cyprus – In-depth coverage of the travel and hospitality industry in Greece and Cyprus.

Events and Networking

Beyond digital publications, TMA takes an active role in fostering community and networking through its highly recognized events: Conference & Expo
Held in Europe and Thailand, this event serves as a nexus for discussing and discovering digital technologies and trends in the travel and hospitality sector.

Outbound Travel Bazaar (
This is a unique matchmaking event tailored for buyers and sellers, which takes place in various markets, including Europe, Thailand, and Vietnam.

B2B Roadshows, Seminars & Webinars
TMA’s diverse range of events also includes targeted B2B roadshows, informative training seminars, and webinars, offering ample opportunities for skill enhancement and networking among professionals.

By melding thought leadership with strategic initiatives, Travel Media Applications continues to be an influential player in shaping the narrative and fostering connections within the global travel and hospitality industry.

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